Welcome To Akala Dance Studio

Akala Dance Studio

Akala Dance Studio is a Hawaii based Polynesian Dance Studio on the island of Oahu. Our Mission is spread the spirit of Aloha through the art form of dance. We offer Hula dance lessons in Hawaii.

We offer a strong foundation in hula fundamentals such as basic movements and steps in  Hula and Tahitian dance styles.
Akala Dance Studio has 2 convenient locations for your dance class needs. We have locations in Ewa Beach, and Ward Center.

Hire the professional  Polynesian dancers of Akala Dance Studio to perform at your next Luau, Wedding, Company Party, Graduation Party, Birthday Party etc. We can provide the instruments, sound equipment and more. Let our professional dancers entertain you with Polynesian dances from Hawaii to Tahiti.

Affordable Wedding Hula Dancers

Wedding Hula dancers bring an element of sophistication and elegance to any wedding. performances perform at weddings and it really helps to showcase the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

The thing about any kind wedding entertainment, whether you get a band, DJ, or Hawaiian Style band with Hula dancers is that it can get expensive.  Luckily, Akala Dance Studio takes these concerns intoconsideration for you. For you and have come up with affordable solutions for your Hawaiian wedding entertainment.

It would not be fair for me to post prices here as each and every bride has different wanas and needs and is operating off a different budget. When planning a professional show for my customers I take into account the theme of the wedding, how long the bride wants us to perform, and of course their budget. I have planned weddings and professional shows from very simple shows with a CD and a few dancers, all the way up to full Polynesian revues and professional Hawaiian shows.

It all depends on  the client. So my question is…

How can I help you plan your perfect Hawaiian wedding entertainment ? Click here to see a sample of our pricing.